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Welcome to Keating Enterprises, LTD

At Keating in Winnie we understand that for most people, getting a car-truck-SUV or minivan means getting the credit also. We know that good people can, and sometimes do, have a less than perfect credit record.

We approve your loan on the spot, not some banker. Over 50 years of experience gives us the ability to approve loans that no bank or normal finance company would be interested in. Let us show you what we can do for you!

Automobile financing is our business at Keating in Winnie--it's all we do. No matter what credit issues you may have, we've seen it before. Nothing you can say about your credit is going to surprise us, or embarrass you! Life's events can be difficult and can lead to less than perfect credit: unpaid medical bills student loans, loss of job, divorce. We can help!

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